IT Support & Repairs

Getting help when you need it

When things go wrong or break, we're able to get you up and going again, usually in a timely manner. We do this either on-site or remotely, depending on your circumstances and what is required, and whether the machine has an Internet connection.

There's no need for you to disconnect or mess around with cables, since we come to you, or support you remotely. You can still drop it off to us, if you'd prefer.

All work is usually charged by the hour, and we'll provide an estimated time to complete the work, but we can't guarantee this. Although, depending on the work to be done, we can often provide a fixed cost.


  • Service at the location you require it
  • Appointment times to suit your schedule
  • You're provided with a two hour window of arrival
  • One hour minimum fee
  • No fee for call out
  • Urgent, after-hours & weekend service available
  • The benefits associated with communicating face-to-face
  • Payment by debit & credit card available


  • Service provided regardless of location
  • More flexible appointment times to suit you
  • Remote support includes: use of remote access software, over the phone, by email, text message, or any other method of communication
  • Urgent, after-hours & weekends, are often charged at normal rates
  • Billed in 20 minute blocks
  • Great for software related issues & setup and training